Visas for Documentary Films Media & Press

Visas for Documentary Films

Visa for Videography/ Documentary Film Making in India by Foreign Audio Visual Agencies

Before submitting their visa applications, documentary film makers are required to obtain clearance for documentary film making (the clearance may take 2-8 weeks) for which the following documents should be submitted:  

  • Documentary Clearance Form duly completed
  • A detailed synopsis/treatment of the theme
  • Details of locations and visits schedule
  • Details of the producers and production company
  • Signed Undertaking in prescribed form  
  • List of crew members and cinematic equipment carried by each of them as given in the proforma for Crew &Equipment Details to obtain Customs permit for temporary import of the cinematic equipment to India for filming.

The completed Documentary Clearance Form and signed Undertaking should be sent to:
Consul (Press & Information)
Consulate General of India,
3 East 64th Street, New York, NY 10065
A copy should be e-mailed to:
Once the proposal for the documentary film making is approved and upon receipt of the Customs permit for the import of filming equipment, the Consulate General of India issues Journalist (‘J’) visa for travel to India for filming.
Documentary filming is not permissible on other types of visas (e.g. tourist/business visas).