Emergency Contact No Consular Services

Emergency Contact No

In order to cater to the needs of the Diaspora and deliver more efficient Consular Services, Consulate General of India, New York has introduced 24/7 Emergency Helpline/contact Number.

Applicants who require any Consular Emergency Services for issue of Travel documents may contact us at
"917-815-7066". The Consulate will make every effort to accommodate Emergency requests provided correct and adequate documentation is submitted by the applicant and necessary data is available in our database.

It may please be noted that this is an Emergency Contact Number and not a call Center number. It is not possible to respond to routine enquiries on this Number .Routine queries/requests for information should be addressed to the general Consular Helpline. Phone no. during office hours are 347-721-9243 and e-mail - helpline.newyork@mea.gov.in